Let us introduce the social contribution activities and the environmental initiatives of T. HASEGAWA.

Social Contribution Activities

Inspired by the creation of our “Harumeki” fragrance, we are establishing a new style of social contribution.
We participate in the tree planting program and the product development program hosted by the “Harumeki Foundation”, which was established to support the visually impaired.

Publication of
“The Science of Flavors and Fragrances”
and Donation of the Royalties

We publish a book titled “The Science of Flavors and Fragrances” to contribute to the scientific understanding of flavors and fragrances.
The royalties are donated to Japan Guide Dog Association to support guide dog training.

Environmental Initiatives

Conservation of Energy and Resources

As a comprehensive flavor and fragrance manufacturer, we are committed to promoting energy and resource conservation for global environment protection through our production and research activities.

Effective Use of Waste Materials

We are promoting effective use of waste materials, composting of plant residues and reduction of landfill waste.

Reduction of Emission to the Environment

We are taking actions against air pollution, wastewater quality degradation and odor pollution by operating pollution prevention facilities to reduce emission to the environment.