Management Policy

Our business development is
centered on three basic strategies.

Focus on
core business
(compound flavors
and fragrances)

We concentrate operational resources in our core compound flavors and fragrances business, whose high added value ensures good profitability. Going forward, in line with our declared commitment to building on a solid foundation of technology, we will further improve our research and technology development capabilities and continue to deliver products that are high in quality and added value based on the technology and knowhow we have accumulated through many years of effort.

Securing revenue
in the domestic

While the domestic market continues to mature due to a declining birthrate and aging population, it still remains our revenue base.

We will utilize market surveys, analyses, etc., and strive to identify potential “wants” and to enhance our abilities to make proposals. As well, we will strengthen cooperation between our sales and research departments and provide appropriate solutions to customers’ ever diversifying and increasing demands. That way, we aim to contribute to the success of customers and thereby expand our sales share.

Growth in

In addition, we will work to cut costs through improved productivity and enhanced efficiency across all operations and to secure profit in the domestic market.

It is essential for our continued growth that we promote further globalization.

We will try to obtain an accurate understanding of the growth potential, customers’ preferences, etc., in the U.S., China and Asia, mainly Southeast Asia, and develop and promote business strategies catered to each region.

As well, we aim to expand our business in overseas markets by taking required measures such as investing in strengthening the foundation for future growth and forming business partnerships both in Japan and overseas.