Flavors that enhance deliciousness & Fragrances that move the hearts of people.

Our products can be divided into two major categories: flavors and fragrances. Flavors are used in a variety of processed foods, such as beverages and confectionaries. Fragrances are used in fine fragrances, cosmetics, and household items. T. HASEGAWA is specialized in creating both flavors and fragrances.

Ensuring maximum safety and reliability in using raw materials.

We always give the highest priority to safety and reliability, even if our flavors and fragrances are used in such infinitesimal amounts. Aromas bring happiness to people, which is why upholding safety and reliability is our steadfast mission. Every raw material we use is carefully screened by professionals.

Creating future innovation with aromas through collaboration.

The aromas T. HASEGAWA offers are all custom-made. For example, when a customer requests the aroma of apples, we make sure to capture and create the perfect apple aroma that customer is looking for. Our company has evolved for over a century, and continues to do so while providing delightful surprises to our customers. We use aromas to deliver new possibilities to creating a wide variety of products.

From a Single Bottle to Full-Scale Production Reproduction of flavors and fragrances precisely to the formulation.

Even when preparing the same exact dish, there could be slight differences in taste depending on whether you are cooking for a party of 2 or serving a crowd of 100. For flavors and fragrances, even the slightest difference is unacceptable. T. HASEGAWA guarantees to manufacture with the utmost precision, regardless of the batch size.

Being a professional who can verify safety is more important than simply making a product.

We use sensory evaluation to check the flavor of our manufactured products. Physical and chemical tests are carried out to analyze various factors, including the components found in raw materials and products. We even conduct microorganism and allergen tests in our tests. T. HASEGAWA implements tests from start to finish in order to ensure that safety is prioritized every step of the way.

Applying Our Made in Japan Sensibility and Technology Around the World

Japan’s Monozukuri (manufacturing) spirit and delicate creation technique are being applied in other countries. Our company leverages expertise and know-how from all around the world, such as regional laws and regulations, rules, unique cultural backgrounds and preferences, to develop flavors and fragrances that are deeply rooted in local communities.