Message from the Top Management

Sustainability at T. Hasegawa

The sustainable development goals (SDG’s) adopted by the United Nations and the implementation of the Paris Agreement have accelerated the worldwide movement towards resolving the many social challenges such as environmental issues. According to the report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the average global temperature in 2020 reached the highest ever since it began its observation and has led to the frequent occurrences of flooding, inundations and landslide disasters in magnitudes never before experienced. These abnormal weather conditions have led to the decrease in crop harvest, deterioration of the quality of natural raw materials, destruction of facilities and equipment due to disasters, suspension of corporate activities due to the interruption in the supply chain and changes in the customer needs and consumer movements as a result of temperature increases. Long term affects to the usage of water resource are also expected. Under such environment, we at T. Hasegawa have been undergoing management reforms since 2017;building an organization that brings solutions to the challenges we face without fear of changes. The prolonged spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous damage to countries throughout the world. Even under such major changes in management conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to achieve the highest profit in Fiscal Year 2020. We believe that this was due to our ability to respond flexibly to risk factors, all as a result of our reforms conducted over the years that enhanced each individual employee’s work consciousness and exerted a positive influence on the overall corporate culture.

At T. Hasegawa, contributing to increasing the corporate value of our customers through the use of our flavor and fragrance technology, we have progressed one step further in our efforts to provide more service to the notion of “customer success” rather than to the notion of “customer first”. As our customers are forced to react to this “new business environment” due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic,we believe that to focus on this notion of “customer success” is very important. We are proactively providing our customers market research, analysis and trend presentations accelerating our customers understanding the potential needs of their consumers. Therefore, we launched the Business Solution Operations Headquarters to consolidate the R&D, sales and marketing activities in October 2020. In order to respond systematically to increasing complex social issues, demands and risks, the Corporate Planning Division and the CSR Division will play central roles in integrating business strategy with environmental and social considerations throughout global supply chain.

The possibilities of flavors and fragrances are infinite. The growing interest in maintaining health due to the declining birth rate and aging population, T. Hasegawa is putting efforts to developing flavors and fragrances that may serve as solutions to the many challenges being faced in the diminishing worldwide supply of food related raw materials. Our employees, which are the most valuable assets for us, have supported T. Hasegawa since its foundation in 1903 which has led to our “customer success” by bringing out the potential in flavors and fragrances. The creation of flavors and fragrances at T. Hasegawa, has been achieved by each individual employees’ contribution to the success of our business. Our corporate motto of “company founded on technology” reflects our stance to contribute to making a better world through flavors and fragrances. T. Hasegawa, will aim to solve challenges the world is facing through the technology of creating flavors and fragrances while enriching society to the extent all people in the world may be able to live on equal terms and with happiness.

Takao Umino

President & Representative Director

Takao Umino