About the Use of RSS

The website of T. HASEGAWA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) distributes information on news releases through RSS to enable rapid access to the latest information.

  • What is RSS?

    RSS is a technology to send information on website updates in the form of article titles or headings. By using RSS feeds, users can be informed of the latest information without visiting the websites.

  • Before use

    To access information distributed through RSS, users need software called “RSS reader” and “RSS-compatible browsers.”

  • How to use RSS

    • ・The Company cannot answer questions regarding how to use RSS as it varies depending on the user’s browser and RSS reader.
    • ・The Company may suspend the distribution service or change the distributed content or distributed links (URL) due to maintenance work or service improvement.
    • ・The Company may change the content or the format of information distributed through RSS without advance notice.
    • ・Information distributed is as of the date of release and its details may be revised over time.