Inspired by the creation of our “Harumeki” fragrance,
we are establishing a new style of social contribution.

We participate in the tree planting program
and the product development program hosted by the “Harumeki Foundation”
established to support the visually impaired.

“Harumeki” is early blooming cherry blossoms characterized by their sweet scent and deep pink color.
Although there are a wide variety of cherry blossoms, not so many of them have a strong scent.
“Harumeki” is one of the strongest scented cherry blossoms among them.
Triggered by the creation of the “Harumeki” fragrance, T. HASEGAWA participates in some of the programs hosted by the Foundation.

1 )Participation in the Tree Planting Program

The “Harumeki Foundation” hosts a program to promote diffusion of “Harumeki” and to support the visually impaired through donations to the Foundation, and T. HASEGAWA participates in the program as well as contributes a certain percentage of the sales to the Foundation.

T. HASEGAWA also planted “Harumeki” at our R&D Center and Fukaya Facility.

2 )Participation in the Product Development Program

The “Harumeki Foundation” hosts a program to develop products using our fragrance inspired by the “Harumeki” fragrance and to donate a certain portion of the sales to the Foundation.

We decided to participate in this program to support the product development.

T. HASEGAWA continues its social contribution activities through the programs of the Foundation.