Aquaspace Aroma™
Natural & fresh fragrance products

The smell of wildflowers in the morning mist...

This technology can further deliver the fresh fragrance of flowers carried by moisture in the morning mist.

The Aquaspace Method is our unique fragrance capturing method which was developed with inspiration from such situation.

By sending moist air to the head space, more natural and fresh scents can be captured without applying stress to the flower. This capturing technology is not limited to flowers, but can also be applied to other items such as fruits. Aquaspace Aroma integrates this Aquaspace Method with analysis techniques and perfumer sensibility to create this unique fragrance series. This technology can add natural and fresh scents to a wide variety of fragrance products.


Can be used on various fragrance products such as perfumes, skin care products, hair care products, body care products, bathwater additives, detergents, softeners, and aromatics.