Flavoring that enhances fizziness
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CARBONATION ENHANCER is a flavor that adds a refreshing taste that matches with the carbonated punch found in carbonated drinks.

When this product was evaluated, we received comments like “It gives more kick to the carbonated sensation” and “It feels like the bubbles are a lot finer.” CARBONATION ENHANCER improves the “fizziness” which is an important element in the deliciousness of carbonated drinks.

CARBONATION ENHANCER’s main flavor component, YUZUNONE™, is a component*) that we discovered in natural yuzu.

  • Effective for keeping fizziness of carbonated drinks after they are opened, and for reduction of gas pressure over time in PET bottle containers.
  • Effective for use in carbonated drinks of which gas pressure cannot be raised due to reasons relating to their containers or production line.
  • Wide range of uses with its feature of being effective in both low gas pressure (2.0 kg/cm2 or less) and high gas pressure (3.0 kg/cm2 or more) carbonated drinks.

Objective evaluation conducted on fizziness using the head blood flow measurement device NIRS.

Reported in the 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for the Study of Taste and Smell in 2014