Flavoring that enhances the sensation of fats and oils
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The unique aroma that is generated by cooking oils and fats with heat such as frying and stir-frying enhances the richness in taste of food, and is a key element of deliciousness.

FATENHANCER is a flavor that was created with the aim of reproducing this delicious taste. Aroma components generated by cooking edible oils are collected to create a material that delivers the richness and thickness of cooked aroma even with a low usage rate FATENHANCER provides the rich and persistent flavor of fats and oils.

  • Effectively improves the cooked sensation of food.
  • Can be used to enhance the richness & fatty taste of products such as low calorie & low-fat food, non-oil products, etc.
Use Cases

Instant noodles, frozen foods, dressings, fried products, etc.