Materials that give the flavor of milk
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HASELATTE is a food indredient that give the flavor of milk.

It was created using T. HASEGAWA’s original enzyme treatment and lactic acid fermentation technology that uses dairy products.

This technology augments the minuscule amount of molecules contribute to deliciousness such as fatty acids, amino acids, peptide that contribute to the deliciousness and flavor of milk found in dairy products by utilizing the functions of enzymes and lactic acid bacterium. Derived from dairy products, HASELATTE add a delicious, natural milk flavor. It can also be used as a substitute material for dairy products.

We provide a lineup for milks, creams, butters, cheeses, and yogurts.

  • Improve the deliciousness of various applications that contain dairy products such as beverages, frozen desserts, desserts, and confectioneries.
  • Gives sensation of milk fat in low fat & fat-free products
  • Substitute material for dairy products (helps reduce costs & reinforces the flavor of milk)