Can you tell us about the business principles of T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD.?

Flavors and Fragrances for All Times

The natural world offers an uncountable wealth of aromatic components.

Some 300 different aromatic components are said, for instance, to contribute to the fragrance of the rose. The flavors and fragrances to which we are sensitive are created through a delicate combination and balancing of such aromatic components.

Cultivated throughout history, the world of flavors and fragrances contains infinite possibilities. We at T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD., are committed to continuing to uncover this potential through the application of advanced technologies and the highest quality standards.


T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD.: 100 Years of History

Our company was established as an individual retailer trading in fragrances in 1903, around the time when Japan’s flavor and fragrance industry was taking shape. Through the subsequent early years of the 20th century, we worked to manufacture flavors and fragrances and built up a range of technological expertise.

Having resumed our business following World War II, we became an incorporated joint-stock company in 1948 and grew our business as a comprehensive flavor and fragrance manufacturer in line with the recovering Japanese economy. In 1961, we transferred our business to the new company, named T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD., which continues to date.