Can you tell us about your environmental initiatives?

We have established an environmental philosophy based on our business plan, which sets out clearly our approach to environmental protection.

Environmental Philosophy

T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD., recognizes that preserving our precious planet for future generations is a vital task shared by the whole of humanity, and is committed to factoring global environmental protection into all its activities as a comprehensive flavor and fragrance manufacturer.

Environmental protection action guidelines

Environmental protection
1. Promote energy conservation
2. Promote resource conservation and reuse of waste materials
3. Take action against odor pollution and reduce emissions of environmental pollutants
4. Enhance environmental management system
5. Promote green purchasing
Labor health and safety
1. Promote labor safety measures
2. Take action to promote staff health
3. Improve work environment

Safety and quality management and disaster prevention
1. Promote safety measures for hazardous substances
2. Promote safety and disaster prevention measures
Chemical product safety
1. Put in place chemical substance management system
2. Promote chemical product safety measures