Can you tell us about your business strategy?

Our business development is centered on three basic strategies.

Focus on expanding core business (compound flavors and fragrances)

We concentrate operational resources in our core compound flavors and fragrances business, whose high added value ensures good profitability. Going forward, in line with our declared commitment to building on a solid foundation of technology, we will continue to deliver products that are tailor-made to meet diverse customer needs and that our competitors cannot emulate.

Securing revenue in the domestic market

Through maximizing the potential of our R&D Center, we are implementing solutions-based sales operations in which research and sales work together to anticipate customer needs. This represents a continuation of initiatives to support new product development projects in our client industries and is designed to expand our market share.

In parallel with distinctive and differentiated product development, we will work to cut costs through improved productivity and enhanced efficiency across all operations. In this way, we will move to secure profit in the domestic market, which is our revenue base.

Growth in overseas markets

While working to expand our share of the domestic market--which is increasingly mature due to the falling birthrate and population aging--it is essential for continued growth that we promote further globalization around a tripolar structure based in Japan, North America, and China. This is an issue of ever greater importance.

Building close partnerships between our domestic and overseas bases and making sure that they share information on regional markets and technology will help us to adapt and roll out to overseas markets the technological abilities that we have accumulated in the domestic market. In this way, we aim to grow our overseas business.