We deliver flavors and fragrances that are finely tailored to suit a range of customer needs.

To respond accurately to diverse customer demands, it is essential to identify their precise content.

Moreover, creating flavors and fragrances that will add to the image of the customer’s final product requires finely tuned intervention at each stage of the process from development to manufacturing.

At T. HASEGAWA, close communication is ensured between the researchers in charge of development, the manufacturing staff in charge of actual production at our facilities, and the sales staff who are thoroughly familiar with customer requirements. This creates a seamless, solution-oriented system in which each division directs its concerted resources toward resolving issues.


Role of sales divisions

Delivering flavors and fragrances that meet customer requirements

The role of the sales divisions is to act as a bridge between the customer and our research divisions to ensure that the flavors or fragrances we deliver are in tune with the customer’s target image. Developing intangible products such as flavors or fragrances means taking the customer’s target image and giving it a concrete identity that can be communicated accurately to the research divisions. Here lies the test of our sales staff’s ability.


Role of research divisions

Creating new flavors and fragrances

The research divisions’activities are divided into basic research and formulating research. Basic research covers areas such as analysis and synthesis of aromatic components, extraction from natural materials, and development of food ingredients. The results are used in formulating research to produce tailor-made combinations of flavor and fragrance ingredients that give physical form to the customer’s target image.


Role of production divisions

Giving physical form to flavors and fragrances

Through operations from production to quality control, the production divisions are responsible for delivering products that our customers can use with confidence. To take the new flavors and fragrances developed at our research institutes and reproduce them on the scale of mass production, and to establish the right conditions for manufacturing, close collaboration with the research divisions is essential.