Can you tell us about the products you deliver?

As a comprehensive flavor and fragrance manufacturer, we deliver tailor-made flavors and fragrances for industries, mainly for the food, beverage, cosmetic, and toiletry sectors.

Flavors and fragrances deliver added value in the form of enhanced taste and aroma at the point where customers actually make physical contact with a product. In this way, they play the part of an unseen force adding color to all aspects of our daily lives.

Our products can be divided broadly into flavors and fragrances depending on their applications.

Flavors (products for food sector) are used in a wide range of processed foods, such as beverages, frozen desserts, confectioneries, instant noodle soups and others, while fragrances (products for cosmetics, toiletries, and related sectors) are used in perfumes and the full range of cosmetics, toiletries, and household products.

In recent years, fusion of technologies from our flavor division and fragrance division has led to increasing success in the development of new products.

Classification of flavors and fragrances

Flavors (products for the food sector)

Main applications

Beverages, frozen desserts, other desserts, confectioneries, chewing gum, dental cleaning products, instant and retort pouch foods, animal feed, etc.

Fragrances (products for the cosmetics, toiletries, and related sectors)

Main applications

Perfumes, skin-care products, hair-care products, and body-care products, bath additives, detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners, etc.

Flavorists and perfumers

To deliver flavors and fragrances that meet diverse customer requirements, our professionals need the ability to identify different flavors and fragrances, tastes, and the distinctive features of various ingredients using their five senses. Armed with this ability, they give physical form to a mental image through a gradual process of trial and error.

As part of this process, the professionals who create our flavors and fragrances memorize the characteristics of several thousand aromatic components, the ways to combine them, and the ways to create formulations. Using their chemical knowledge and esthetic sense, they prepare finely balanced blends from a wide range of components with differing characteristics to create unique aromatic products. This profession, where it is said to take five to 10 years to become a fully competent professional, is therefore one that requires a great deal of perseverance.

Flavorists: professionals who formulate flavors

The professionals who formulate flavors are called flavorists. Since fashions are subtly reflected in the aroma and taste of beverages, instant foodstuffs, candy, and other edible products, in which flavors are used, flavorists must seek to keep ahead of the field in identifying current trends to respond continuously to the demands of the moment. To do this, flavorists need the creativity and rich gastronomic experience to reproduce exquisite tastes and authentic flavors in a product.

Perfumers: professionals who create fragrances

The professionals who formulate fragrances are called perfumers. In creating a fragrance, it is not enough to simply reproduce an existing scent; completely new fragrances also need to be created. Thus, perfumers must not only acquire knowledge and technical abilities in the field of fragrances but also build up rich experience and the esthetic sensitivity to express abstract images in a fragrance.