Since our foundation in 1903, we have continuously explored the infinite possibilities of the world of aromas and worked to develop and manufacture flavor and fragrance products. It is no exaggeration to say that the history of Japan's flavor and fragrance industry is the history of our company, which has kept pace with people's lifestyles through more than a century of change.

As the market diversifies, reflecting advances in industry and culture, and as new products are created in rapid succession, flavors and fragrances are also subject to ever more sophisticated demands.

Responding to this environment, we emphasize a corporate approach of continuous evolution, maintaining a strong focus on the delivery of high-quality value-added products with a declared commitment to building on a solid foundation of technology.
To create products that meet all requirements, we have developed a solutions-based sales operation in which the research and sales divisions collaborate to resolve issues faced by our customers, combined with manufacturing expertise accumulated over many years by our production divisions.

We regard quality control to ensure the safety of our products as our foremost priority and have put in place safety systems to cover all risks. Together with a wide range of measures to ensure environmental preservation, these systems help inspire customer confidence by demonstrating our comprehensive capabilities.

All of us at T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD. are striving to expand our business globally by responding precisely to customer needs and applying the technological capabilities for which Japanese manufacturers are known. Leveraging our network of worksites in Japan, the United States, China, and Southeast Asia, we are targeting further growth in the year ahead, with our sights set firmly on the global market.

Takao Umino
President & COO