R&D Center

Comprehensive Exploration at Our Four Research Institutes

Formulation in progress
Flavor Institute, Application Laboratory

Our R&D Center is made up of four institutes: the Technical Research Institute, Flavor Institute, Fragrance Institute, and Innovative Research Institute. Each of these facilities collaborates closely with each other, integrating research subjects and findings in a coordinated manner to enhance the Company's overall capabilities in R&D.
The R&D Center has been designed to encourage a creative environment for conducting R&D. Presentation rooms and meeting spaces are available for personnel to gather for discussions and seminars, and systems have been installed in the blending labs to maintain the flow of air in a constant direction, so that odor compounds are not dispersed.
In recent years, consumer requirements have diversified and the product cycle has shortened. To respond to these conditions, we seek to maximize the benefit of our open work environment so that communicative synergy can spark the creation of new flavors and fragrances.


R&D Focused on the Future

Our analysis equipment can identify the microscopic components of flavors and fragrances.
We conduct sensory evaluations to objectively compile profiles of delicious flavors and pleasant fragrances as people experience them.

Our R&D Center is equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities. Among these are a range of analysis equipment; automatic compounding equipment that performs automated blending of raw materials of flavors and fragrances according to formulations created by researchers; an Application Laboratory to confirm the end-product potential of blended samples; specialist facilities to test the durability of flavors and fragrances; and a pilot plant to carry out experiments and tests that model actual production in our facilities.
To ensure product safety, the R&D Center conducts repeated inspections covering all aspects of safety at the development stage. In this way, the center is maintaining a solid foundation for delivering products that are safe and dependable.