Giving Concrete Shape to Flavors and Fragrances

Our production facilities are where we give concrete shape to the results of R&D by turning them into products. As a comprehensive flavor and fragrance manufacturer, we create high-quality products using some of the world's most advanced production facilities and a comprehensive quality assurance system.


Production system

Efficient Production System Underpinning Multi-Item Manufacturing

Barcode blending system:
The correct raw material shelf is automatically selected by computer control.
The barcode of the raw material is checked against a monitor screen before blending proceeds.

Our Japan-based production operations comprise the Fukaya and Itakura facilities, which together constitute the Fukaya Production Center, and the Fine Foods Facility, operated by our wholly owned subsidiary T. HASEGAWA BUSINESS SERVICE CO., LTD. These three plants have a combined output of some 20,000 tons a year, ranging across 14,000 different products.
To cover all operations, from raw material receipt through manufacturing to product shipment, we operate a barcode-based integrated control system that makes multi-item manufacturing possible by allowing instant checking of inspection results and inventory levels for raw materials and products. Combined with our comprehensive range of production facilities and strictly enforced quality control, this has created a finely tuned production system able to meet all customer requirements by delivering tailor-made products of high quality and high added value.


Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology That Turns Flavors and Fragrances into Products

Spray-drying equipment:
Used to powderize aromatic components by injecting
highly volatile components together with a substrate
at high temperature.

As the applications of the flavors and fragrances that we create are numerous and varied, they need to be processed into an optimal format to match their target use and the manufacturing conditions of the final product. To give some examples of our products in different formats, there are soluble products, which produce a good aroma when dissolved in water and are mainly used in beverages and similar products; oil-soluble products with heat-resistant properties, which are used in baked confectioneries and so on; emulsified products, prepared by atomizing an oil-soluble product together with an emulsifier to ensure uniform dispersion in liquids for use in beverages and others; and powdered products, whose excellent handling and dispersion properties make them ideal for use in products such as powdered soups and chewing gum. Using advanced manufacturing technology to process materials into these formats, we meet increasingly diverse and sophisticated customer requirements.