Environmental Protection

Safeguarding High Quality and Trust

At T. HASEGAWA CO., LTD., we regard environmental protection as an important management issue. Accordingly, we take account of global environmental issues in our business operations and apply measures to adapt and respond to our natural surroundings.

Energy Conservation

Cogeneration equipment
(Itakura Facility)

Our production and research facilities are certified under the ISO 14001 environmental management system and are equipped with a range of utility installations designed to ensure efficient use of energy. In our manufacturing divisions in particular, by adopting energy-efficient boiler equipment, introducing energy monitoring systems, and taking other relevant measures, we are working to achieve energy savings.

At the Itakura Facility, we have installed cogeneration equipment* on site that generates part of the electric power used by the facility.

*The cogeneration equipment effectively reuses waste heat from diesel engines and gas turbines as a heat source for boilers.


Waste Recycling

A vegetable field in Koumi, Nagano Prefecture, where waste from our facilities is used as compost

The process of manufacturing flavors and fragrances from plant raw materials produces large volumes of waste matter and wastewater. In response, we have built a system to recycle and reuse waste with the aim of achieving the status of "zero waste."
T. HASEGAWA established a compost processing company* in Koumi, Nagano Prefecture, to treat the sludge left over from its wastewater treatment processes and the residue produced from the extraction of chemical components of flavors and fragrances from natural substances. The Company processes these materials into fermented compost for reuse as compost at local vegetable farms. Additionally, as an alternative to incineration or landfill, we work continuously to increase the recycling rate of cans, paper, glass, and other forms of waste.


Reuse of Waste Materials



Deodorizing Measures

Deodorizer (Itakura Facility)

As a flavor and fragrance manufacturer, we attach particular importance to preventing odor pollution in the surroundings of our facilities. At the Company's production facilities and research institutes, we are working to prevent emissions of unpleasant odors by operating a number of types of ventilation equipment equipped with deodorizing technologies, including activated carbon absorption and ozone deodorization techniques.


Odor Surveys

A two-member team on odor patrol

Since our R&D Center and production facilities are surrounded by residential areas, the Company has set up measurement points both inside and outside the facilities, and its personnel regularly check odor levels in the area. Using both odor detection devices and the human senses, we are making sure that no unpleasant odors are emitted in our communities.


Environmental Harmonization

A pair of spotbill ducks visits the biotope.

Environmental harmonization was made one of the architectural themes in the construction of our R&D Center, where a biotope* was created to preserve plants characteristic of the Tama district where the center is located. Since then, the number of species of insects and wild birds visiting each year has increased. A wide range of aromatic plants is cultivated within the grounds of the center, creating a fragrance garden that welcomes visitors.
Meanwhile, we have installed storage facilities for drinking water to be supplied to local residents in the event of a disaster or other emergency.
*A manmade environment where plants, fish, and insects coexist.