Four Research Institutes

Technical Research Institute

Uncovering the Rich Potential of Flavors and Fragrances through Fundamental Research

Solvent-assisted flavor evaporation (SAFE) distillation equipment

The Technical Research Institute's basic research involves collecting, identifying, analyzing, and synthesizing the chemical components of flavors and fragrances found in natural foods and flowers. It also conducts basic research on flavors and fragrances and their related materials, including research on creating formulations using raw foods, emulsified and powdered materials, and flavors created through the use of extraction, heat, and microorganisms and enzymes. In addition, the institute carries out studies to ensure product safety and quality assurance.

Main Research

Synthesis of aroma chemicals, aroma
analysis, analysis for quality control,
extraction of food materials, heat reaction
flavors, natural colors, functional ingredients,
prepared flavors with fermentation and
enzymes, emulsified flavors, powdered
flavors, and fruit processing

Flavor Institute

In Search of Appealing Flavors in Tune with the Times

Along with taste and texture, flavor is an essential component in our enjoyment of food. At the Flavor Institute, we carry out R&D and applied experiments on flavors that are widely used in all kinds of processed foods. The Institute's researcher, called flavorists*, explore ways to create high-quality and original flavors while keeping up to date with related trends to improve the taste and quality of beverages, instant food products, candy, and other products.
*Researchers engaged in developing flavors

Main Research

Flavor-related R&D and applied research
Beverages, frozen desserts, other desserts,
candy, dairy products, chewing gum, oral-care
products, instant and retort-pouch foods,
animal feeds, etc.

Fragrance Institute

Expressing the World of the Imagination in Fragrances

Fragrances that resonate with people as "fresh" or "soothing" are used widely in toiletries and household products. At the Fragrance Institute, we carry out R&D on fragrances that add richness and color to people's lives. The institute's researchers, called perfumers*, draw on extensive experience and refine esthetic judgments to create a wide range of fragrances.
*Researchers engaged in developing fragrances

Main Research

R&D of fragrances for cosmetic and household products
Perfumes, skin-care products, hair-care
products, body-care products, bath additives,
detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners, etc.

Innovative Research Institute

Opening up Possibilities for the Future of Flavor and Fragrances through Creative Research

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) equipment

The Innovative Research Institute applies analyses of flavors and fragrances found in natural substances to create naturally tasting and scented products. It also carries out research in the field of flavor release, which is an indispensable aspect of deliciousness. In addition, it researches flavor and fragrance assessments through physiological response measurements and sensory evaluations to add value to products and explore the functions of flavors and fragrances.

Main Research

Analysis of aromatic components derived
from natural substances
Basic research on formulations
Physiological response measurements
Sensory evaluations